Our Pedigree.

OasisBinLoc Ltd. Is a relatively new company, However it’s pedigree speaks for itself.

Our team has designed and overseen the installation of VSTOL (Vertical, Stationary, take off and landing) Pads for BEA Harrier in the UK and India. Glazing systems for accommodation platforms in the North Sea, and joint sealant for fire pits on military bases throughout the UK.We have also provided designs and installation of fire barriers in hotels, hospitals and multiplex cinemas.

Our approach.

After a spate of thefts and fires, we were set the challenge by a Housing Trust of securing domestic wheelie bins in a safe location within communal areas of social housing flats.

It was our intention to source a device from our many contacts in the UK and abroad. After extensive research in the UK, Europe,Australia and the USA no such design existed that would meet the criteria.

In 2010, we created, designed and patented our BinLoc BakPlate. Extensive tests were carried out under the auspices of the local fire service, and trials undertaken within areas of high anti social behaviour. We monitored these for approx 2 years with no incidents of fire or theft.

Our innovation

Our product range has developed with the introduction of new and innovative solutions to the problem of storage and security.

The Oasis BinBox range, EcoBinBox for domestic wheelie bins and EuroBinBox for commercial, provide an enclosed waste station, which not only secures the bins but (a) Drives up recycling rates and (b) provides a fire barrier enabling compliance with CFPA European Guidelines for fire protection. The BinBoxes which can be supplied with its Box Hedge appearance provides an aesthetically pleasing feel to communal areas used for the storage of both domestic and commercial bins. Other designs are available to provide an architectural blend

Harrier Jet

Wheelie Bin Fire

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