OasisBinLoc design, manufacture and install. We also innovate and can provide one off bespoke designs to suit your needs.
We can offer so many permutations around our standard unit designs and can come up with something completely new and unique depending on your needs.

While most of out EcoBinBoxes are used in and around housing developments, we can also provide a waste station that not only hides, but enhances the design of the store. We can provide 'The Look', whether that be a natural hedge type affect or an advertising hoarding. The choice is limitless.



Variations on a theme. Where the space is limited we came up with the EuroPod. Manufactured along side our successful EuroBinBox which has 4 x 1100 ltr bins in a line. The EuroPod places them back to back. So instead of a footprint of 1.5mtrs x 6mtrs (9sq. mtrs) this can be reduced to 2.4mtrs x 3.2mtrs (7.68sq. mtrs).

More than wheelie bins. Because of our ability to design and manufacture we have been asked to build screens for air source heat exchangers and storage tanks ect. To hide them from view. Out of sight: Peace of mind.


Working in Partnership

A redevelopment by a housing trust of a 13 flat complex. The council would normally have provided 3x240 ltr bins per household (39 in total). Working with all parties, including residents, we created waste stations where no individual had their own wheelie bin. Instead we could set up stations for recyclables, general food and waste. Each bin was fixed in position with clear attractive signage. The number of bins was reduced from 39 to 16 and recycling rates rose by 80%.